Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015 - #AMERICA


Seriously I think one of the biggest things that I have come to love most on my mission is AMERICA!!! Seriously so much pride for America, Hna. Guerrero and I talk about America all the time and how much we love her!!! Actually I think I will name my first born America! Hahaha jokes but for real we literally are so blessed to live in the United States, I get reminded of that blessing each and everyday as we walk the streets and talk to the people here.

I am not going to lie, right now its been pretty hard, we are working super hard but aren't seeing much success. Some days we spend the whole days walking the streets and just talking to people, because our appointments seem to be falling through a ton! Hahaha funny how that happens! but we aren't loosing our excitement for the work. We know the Lord is trying our faith and we know that we need to keep working harder and harder each and everyday to see these blessings that he is waiting to give us. I honestly am so grateful for my companion, this cycle has been super crazy for the both of us but we literally are learning SOOO much and she is literally one of my best friends. She helps me so much and makes it so much easier on the hard days. I know the Lord gives me the companions that I truly need and I am so grateful for all these experiences that we are having together. We may not see the fruits of our labor in this specific time but I KNOW that we are planting so many seeds and that one day these people will remember the two white girls that gave them a card or talked to them for 5 minutes and will feel the love that our Savior has for them and when it's their time the Lord will provide the way for them to become part of his church.

I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and for the atonement and the love that I can feel from him. I have the strongest testimony of my Savior, I know he lives, I know he loves me, I know he cares about me and my dumb problems, and I know he is ALWAYS just waiting for me with open hands just waiting for me to humble myself and come to HIM!! He is my best friend and what I am learning the most here is to trust in him and his plans that he has for me, because even though i may not know why HE DOES and HE knows what is best for me!

I hope you all have a fantastic week and that you remember how much you mean to our loving Father in heaven and our Savior and older brother Jesus Christ!! 


Hermana Murray
4th of July attire 

Yo, Hermana Guerrero, Hermana Gomez, and Hermana Rosado! They are so bomb and live right by us and i love them sooooo much!!! 

June 29, 2015 - Back to 2

Good afternoon from Amecameca,

This week has been one for the books, super sad but our fellow companion Hna. Sanchez returned home this week due to health issues and so now Hna. Guerrero and I are just taking on Ameca! its pretty funny because Hna. Guerrero and I always joked that one day we would be companions and everyone just laughed at us.....and look what happened! Haha but its definitely been a crazy cycle! hahaha 

But we are super excited to be working here in the Huehuecalco ward together, we know the Lord has so much planned for us and we have a lot of seeds to plant!

Thank you all for your prayers regarding my shoulder, it is already feeling better and I know your prayers and fasting have helped me more than I know! I am so grateful for the love I feel from all of my friends and family! I know I am extremely blessed!! Please know I pray for you all each and everyday and hope we all can continue doing the things the Lord would have us do each and everyday!! LOVE YOU ALL! have a fantastic week!!

Hermana Murray

 Literally always DYING laughing together!! Hna. Sanchez snapped this gem....both of us trying so hard not to pee!! hahahahaha

 Hna. Sanchy and I with our favorite pal grandpa, aka Sensei. He is the best!! We love him!!

Our Gordashians came and visited us!! SO fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 22 - Treo in Amecameca!

My dear family and friends,

This week has been a crazy one! Jonathans baptism on Saturday was a success! The water was super cold.....oops! Haha the boiler at the church isnt the greatest! It was so cold he was like gasping as he came up out of the water! Hahahaha it was pretty funny! But he said he felt the spirit and feels great! He received the espiritu santo yesterday, and the priesthood! He is super great! 

Hna. Sanchez and I welcomed a new companion into our area, so now we are in a treo....and it is Hna. Guerrero! Its pretty crazy! 3 americans strolling the streets of Mexico! Dream come true! Haha but really we have a lot of fun together! We sure do get a lot of whistles and hollers in the street! hahah its pretty funny. But its definitely weird working in treo rather than just 2! We are still working everything out! haha but we are having a blast. 

Sorry this email is so short, but just know that I am doing well and that Mexico is a hoot! I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to be serving the Lord. I really am shown each and everyday how lucky i am to have the gospel and to be privileged to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I am amazed how much I am learning each and everyday about the gospel and seeing my own testimony grow. I am grateful for my loving Heavenly Father who is always at my side helping me and showing me the way. I hope you all have an incredible week! 

Hasta Luego,
Hermana Murray

June 15 - Amecameca!

Hello dear family and friends,

Its been a great week here in my new area in Amecameca. My area is called Huehuecalco, and we have a small part of Amecameca and then 3 pueblos, which are like little colonies in the middle of nowhere! hahah and my new companion is from a place called Springville, Utah! Hahah Hermana Sanchez and I are companions! We worked in the same ward in San Buena for 2 cycles! She is awesome and we get along great....always laughing! Literally never thought for a second that we would ever be companions! But here we are! haha

My first week here in Huehuecalco was good. It is WAY different than San Buena. San Buena is like the city and here is flat out country! It is quite the change, but its been a good change! We walk a ton!! Like a ton! hahah By the end of the day we are seriously so tired, which is good! But we actually have a baptism this Saturday! His name is Jonatan and he is about 20 years old and he really is a golden investigator. So ready for the gospel. What a great way to enter into a new area! Super excited about that! The members here have been so nice and really made the adjustment easy! I definitely  miss San Buena, but I am really excited to work with Hna. Sanchez here and for the experiences and people that I will meet here!.

Something funny....this past weekend was Stake Conference and a member of the Seventy spoke to us. But on Satuday they had asked Hna. Sanchez to share an inspiring experience from her mission. When we got there they were saying how we need to sit on the stand. So we go up there and then they announce that I am going to be speaking too. I about died, so I hurried and started preparing something. We were so confused!! But whatever I would do it. So when the time came Hna. Sanchez stood up and started walking to the stand and President Crickmore motions no, and points to  me so I was like oh shoot I guess I am going first, so she sits back down and I start walking up and he motions no and gets up and comes over and says no you both need to stand up there together and Hna. Sanchez will talk.....just remember that this is in the middle of conference so everyone is just staring at us. Hahaha so then we were like okay.....so we walk to the pulpit and I stand by her side while she talks and I just keep smiling and nodding my head! Hahahahahahah it was terrible!!!! How awkward right?? We were dying laughing after and all the members were asking us what happened! Hahahahah so funny!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic week and that you are all doing well! I am so grateful for my loving Savior who helps me everyday to keep going in this work. I testify that he can help each and everyone of us achieve the goals that we search for and he can help us become the people that we desire to be! 

Love you all!!

Con amor,
Hermana Murray

Hermana Guerro, yo, Hermana Sanchez, Hermano Israel Rivera Barron

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 8, 2015 - It's Been Real San Buena!

Que tal familia y mis amigos,

Well transfers are here and.....I will be leaving San Buena, I am actually really sad! I really wanted to stay one more cycle here. I will be shedding many tears tonight as we say bye to my friends here. There are so many people here that I really have come to love and feel like they are part of my family. It will be really hard saying bye to Clara and her family! Her Juanito 5 years old, will be super tough! He keeps telling his parents that he is going to go to the United States with Murray, but not to worry he will come back and visit them once a year! Hahaha how cute is he! He literally kills me! I love her kids so much! It will be really hard saying bye to them! Also the Barron family aka the Gordashians! haha Ahhh these girls have become like sisters to me and I will miss them so much! Hna Blanco will be leaving too, they will actually be putting Elders in our área now. Hna Guerrero and I were super sad too because we thought that we wouldnt be seeing each other....but we are both being transfered to Ameca Meca in the same Zone! so that is one good thing! hahaha We will die when we get separated!

But my last week here in San Buena was great! We went to the temple visitor center with Clara and her kids and it was such an amazing experience! It gave her the peace and comfort that she needed. And her kids loved it! We found a new investigator this week and she literally is amazing! Her name is Maricarmen and when we went and visited her and told us that she has been praying for a sign from God to know if he is listening to her prayers and then we contacted her in the street!! She told us she knows God sent us to her and that she really wants to learn more and that it really caught her attention that 2 Young girls were teaching the word of God to the people here! She is awesome and will totally progress with the new missionaries! Yesterday were regional elections for Mexico and so we didnt work for safety precautions! So we had a lot of time to study and get some things done which was nice!

I am so grateful for all the experiences that I have had here in San Buena. My testitmony has grown more than I can even express. I love this góspel so much and know that it is true with all of my heart. I am so grateful for the knowledge that families are eternal and that this plan of happiness that we have can truly make us the happiest here. I love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!!

Hna. Murray

Hna Guerrero and I with the Gordashians! hahaha

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015 - The Final Countdown!

Familia y Amigos!!!!

It sounds like everyone had a great week! Congrats to Parker for graduating high school!!! That is so awesome!! I can't believe he is graduated!! Baby Peaker!!!! AND he recieved the Melchezidek Priesthood yesterday! How amazing!! And going through the temple this week! I wish so badly I could be there but am so excited for Peaker and these amazing experiences he is having!

Well it's the last week of this cycle and its pretty certain that Hna Blanco and I will have cambios. Its really sad, and will be so weird not being companions! These past 4 months have gone by so fast especially this last cycle!

This week was great! We actually found a new investigator...well he actually contacted us in the Street! hahaha his name is Alejandro and he is really awesome! He came up to us in the Street and asked if we could teach him more about our church and he told us he really wants to change some things in his life......WHAT!!! That never happens! hahah So we have had a couple lessons with him and he came to church yesterday and accepted a baptism date for July 11th! We are really excited about him and know he will progress!

Verónica hasnt had her baby yet, we went and visited her and she literally is about to pop! She should have her this week! But we have to wait a little bit until we can visit her again! So we have a visit planned in a couple weeks! She is still super interested and loves learning and says she continues to read and pray! BOOM!!!

Silvia and Asunción are doing fantastic! They couldnt come to church this week because Asunción hasnt been feeling well, but we have a visit with them tomorrow!

I am so grateful for my Savior and his atoning sacrifice and all He has done for me personally! I pray that we can each continue to draw closer to Him and our Heavenly Father everyday and feel there love! I hope you all have an incredible week! Know i am constantly praying for you all and sending my love!!

Con amor,
Hermana Murray

We did sack races at the Ward campout! it was super fun! 4 of the 6 missionaries in our Ward!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015 - Crazy Fun Week!!

Hello dear family and friends! I hope you all had a fantastic week and a great Holiday weekend!! We had another great week here in San Buenaventura, we had a lot of fun activities that we got to do!!

Something funny this week......oh I remember something. So we went and visited one of our old investigators to check up on her and see how she is doing, she is pretty old. Well she told us she is going to a Christian church now and really likes it (bummer), but I said the opening prayer to our lesson and after we said amen she just starts clapping and applauding my prayer. It was so funny! I was trying so hard not to laugh!

So first Teotihuacan last week was so fun!!! The pyramids are HUGE!!! and so cool!! They have a ton of history of the church and there are so many things that connect them to the church! I will have to explain more another time because I dont have much time! But it was so fun! And freak it's so tiring climbing all the way to the top!! Hno Israel Rivera took us in his car with his daughter Fe, and Hna Jazmine. Fe is so bomb! I love her so much! Her and her cousins are the Kardashians mexican style, they call themself the Gordashians (Gordo in spanish is fat) so basically they call themselves the fat Kardashians! They literally KILL me! So funny!! I bought a bunch of souveniors.

This week was great! Our investigator Veronica had her baby so she didn't get to visit her and she wasn't able to go to church yesterday. But we have an apt with her tomorrow! Cant wait to see her little babe!!! We have 2 new investigators Silvia and her mother in law Asuncion. They are both great! Asuncion is really hard of hearing so it will be a challenge teaching her...well we will basically be yelling at her, but they are both so interested and they CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!! MIRACLE!! 

This week we also had an activity with the ward! It was so awesome! We went to this church owned camp ground! It was so fun, they have obstacle courses and basketball courts and soccer fields and volleyball, it really is so nice and way cool! So that was so fun to go with the ward! I am glad we got to go!!

And today we had a sports day with our whole mission! We played basketball and volleyball and soccer and my zone WON the whole thing!! Each zone had their own jerseys! Our jerseys are from the team in Paris, but they are red white and blue so Hna Guerrero and I just kept chanting USA USA USA!!! hahahah It was super funny!

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week!


 Our zone that won today with our jerseys!!! I balled it up pretty hard! A lot of people asked if I played College ball.....I was like no....I actually got cut my Senior year! hahaha But it was so fun to play!!

Hna Guerrero and I with the Prezzzz!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 18, 2015 - Bednar for the Win!!

Buenos días tooooodos,

I am going to apologize right now, I only had like 15 minutes to write today because we are going to Teotihuacán, aka, these awesome pyramids and we have to leave like really soon.

But this week was so great!! Elder Bednar came and spoke to our mission!! UNREAL!!! It was the coolest thing ever! Right when he got there we were all waiting outside to take a picture with him, and so we sang our mission song as he walked up and it was the coolest experience. The spirit that he brings with him is so strong. After we took the pic we went into the Stake Center and we basically had an open discussion with him for almost 3 hours, it was so awesome! We talked mostly about faith and how faith without Works is dead. It is so true, we really have to act upon our promptings we cant just sit around and wait for things to happen! Acting is the key! It was such an incredible experience, one that I will remember for the rest of my life, I recieved a whole lot of personal revelation and know the things that I need to do in my life to become better. His testimony at the end was my favorite part, he said like 3 times "I bare witness that Jesús Christ lives, He has a body, He talks, and this is His church" How powerful is that!! Everyone was crying because the spirit was so strong. I know that Elder Bednar is called of God as an Apostle to lead the church, and what a privlidge it was to have that moment with him.

Things here in San Buena are going good! We are still focusing on Ruben and Daniel and also our investigators Verónica and Arely. They are all so awesome and I love them so much! We are hoping to see more progression with them this week!!

I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father and for him allowing me to experince these amazing experiences. I know that this church is true with all my heart and just want the people here to understand and to feel the surety that I have. I am so grateful for my loving Savior Jesús Christ who atoned for my sins big and small so that one day I can return to live with him and our Heavenly Father again. I am so grateful for having this knowledge, may we all try a Little harder to be a Little better each day, the only way to be succesfull in this life is to try our best and recognize our faults and repent and try again. There is no end to the atonement, it covers EVERYTHING, and through the atonement of Jesús Christ we can be clean continuously throughout our lives. I was reading a talk yesterday about how our earth life is just 4 minutes compared to Eternity that is to come. We need to keep trying each and everyday to be better because we never know when our 4 minutes will be up. Grow closer to the Lord each and everyday, He will direct you and will help your weaknesses become strengths. Anything is possible when we put ALL of our trust in the Lord. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Murray

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 11, 2015 - Viva Mexico

Buenas tardes mi querido familia y amigos!!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed time with your moms!!! Man am I grateful for my amazing mom! And how great it was to talk to you guys yesterday! It sure was tough to say bye, but it seriously was sooooo good to see you!!!

Something funny that happened this week....because something funny happens everyday. But this week we were walking down the street and this guy was selling sweet bread and he comes riding up to us on his bike because the member that was with us wanted to buy some. And we shake his hand like normal but for me he grabs my hand and kisses it hahahaha and says Wow you are so beautiful!!! and wouldn't stop staring at me! and kept saying, what a shame I am already married. I have always wanted a huera (white girl). I was trying SOOOO hard not to laugh! hahahaha and we just kept saying, no what a blessing it is that you're married! and he just kept looking at me saying how beautiful I am! It was hilarious!! People here literally make me feel like an exhibit at the Zoo, hahaha they always just stare at me! hahahaha kills me every time! 

But we had a great week here in San Buenaventura!! Hna Blanco and I continue to see miracles everyday with our investigators! We have investigators Veronica and her mom Arely and they accepted baptism dates for June 13th! They are so amazing and are so interested in learning more!! I love them!! ALSO, we have been working with a family in our ward that the dad isn't a  member and this week he ACCEPTED A BAPTISM DATE!!!! FOR June 13th!!! We pray that they will keep their excitement and love for learning and that they will be prepared for June 13th!

Thank you for all your love and support! I am so grateful for each and everyone of you! I know my Savior lives and loves me, and blesses me each and everyday! Always remember to read your scriptures and pray daily, its the only way we can find true happiness and peace each day! I love you all!! have a great week!

May 4, 2015 - May the 4th be with you

Hola my family and friends!

Sounds like everyone had a great week!!! Congrats to Bryson and Shelby for your graduations! How exciting! All that hard work has paid off!!! 

Well this week didnt really go as planned.....my stomach  just wasnt feeling better at all, so wednesday I went to the clinic to get checked out. I brought my antibiotics that i was taking. The doctor checked me over and said that the antibiotics that i was taking were really good and should have cleared up my infectedness, but they didnt do the trick....so for the past 5 days i have had to do injectable antibiotics! You all know how much I love needles, but dont you even worry i was a big girl and didnt even cry once! hahaha and here they only do shots in the butt, so basically all the sisters in our ward have seen my butt! hahahaha i feel soooo much better! but ya so i had to rest this entire week! But the Lord blessed us so much and we were able to find a sister to go with Hna Blanco and one to stay with me everyday! So our work could contiue forward!! Yesterday was my first day back working!

CLARA AND MONSE were baptized yesterday! It seriously was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life! Hna Blanco and I waited for her to the side of the font so that when she came out we were waiting right there for her! She was balling, she felt the spirit so strong and knew that her sins were all forgiven and felt clean! She just kept thanking us and hugging us, so we were all soaked! haha but it really was so amazing! Monse did so great too and she was crying and felt the spirit so strong! Ruben has been a little dificult these past couple days because he doesnt really want to change! and yesterday he told Clara that he wasnt going to go to her baptism because he wasnt going to support her....BUT he ended up coming and he was CRYING!!!! and same with Danile their son! The spirit really can touch the hardest of hearts! We sang a special musical number and the spirit was so strong! Everyone was in tears! hahaha it wasnt our voices thats for sure, it was the spirit!

Ahhh i love this work so much and am so grateful to be here! Thank you for all your love and support! I hope you all have a fantastic week!!! 


Con Amor,
Hermana Murray

Hna Ada Alvorez (stake pres wife that lives in our Cerada) she gave me 3 of my injections! Shes the bomb!!

April 27, 2015 - Hola!

My Dear family and Friends,

Sounds like everyone had a great week! Its always great to hear from everyone! Well transfers came and went and.................we are both staying here in San Buenaventura for another cycle!!! Not gonna lie I was a Little disapointed because I was ready for this next adventure with a new companion, but Hna Blanco is awesome and we get along good and are successful together so it will be a great new cycle!!! Its actually pretty rare that after your training you stay with your trainer for another cycle! CLEARLY there is work here that we are not yet done with aka Clara and her family, hahaha but really it will be a great cycle!!

In other news......I got my first stomach infection this week!........awful!!! So this past weekend I have had to stay home a bunch and try and sleep and feel better! But don't worry mom I have already started taking the anti-biotics you sent with me and am already on the road to recovery! I am on a strict saltine cracker and Manzana Lift diet for the next few days haha but really its about time that I got sick! Also, the other week we were late getting home so we were literally running home and I twisted my ankle!!! hahaha who would have thought that my shoes aren't for running and didn't have any ankle support! Its been pretty swollen the past week or so but these past couple days that I have been home resting have been good for it too. Basically I am a hot messsss! hahaha but I got a blessing yesterday so basically I'll be all ready to work tomorrow!

This week was good though! Clara and Monse (her daughter) are going to be baptized this SUNDAY!!!!!! Pray everything goes smoothly!! They are both so excited and ahhhh just so ready!! AND RUBEN and their son Daniel accepted baptism dates for 24th of MAY!!!!! UNREAL!!!! We are seeing so many miracles everyday!! We also found 3 new investigators this past week and they are all awesome!!! Guadelupe and her daughter and this other girl named Verónica! They are all bomb and are very receptive! We have a lot of work here in San Buenaventura and we are happy we get to stay and witness miracles here!!

Thank you all for your love and prayers! It really means to much to me! This góspel is so true and it really changes peoples lives! I am so grateful to witness miracles each day and to be apart of this great work. I know our Heavenly Father loves us more than we can even imagine and that we have so much work to do here on the earth! I hope you all have a fantastic week!!

Hasta luego!

Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Murray

This rad speaker my investigator gave me! hahaha its so retro and its amazingly loud!!! hahaha love it!!!! and it clips on your belt or wear it as a necklace!!! hahahahah

April 20, 2015 - Another Day Another Dollar$$$$

Que tal mi familia y mis amigos!!

First of all Happy Birthday Bryson yesterday! I was thinking about you all day! Hope your bday was so great!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

I cant believe how fast the weeks go by here. I feel like just yesterday I was emailing you guys! But sad news we didn't get to go on our Little adventure to the pyramids because we couldn't find a member to take us....because its too sketchy to go by ourselves! Haha but hopefully another time!

Happy 3 months tomorrow!!! Hna Guerrero and I are pictured below! Haha But for real these past 3 months have gone by so fast! Its crazy that I will be finishing my training next week! I have enjoyed my time with Hna Blanco but am so excited to start this next chapter!!

This week was great! We are seriously so excited about Clara and her family, they literally are all angels! We took them to a baptism yesterday and Ruben started crying during it!! God is real, and he softens peoples hearts! It literally was amazing! Now we just need to give him a baptism date!! But Clara's baptism date will probs be changed to next week (after transfers) because we haven't had time to teach her everything yet :( boooo!!! But really we think she will be better prepared waiting until the next week! I love this family so much. Below is a pic of us and their family! They literally are amazing!! AHHH i love them!!

We are mostly focusing on Clara and her family and Kevin and his parents!! We had a great lesson with Kevin and his parents this week, and the spirit was so strong that Octavio (Kevin's dad) started to cry! God is real and touches peoples hearts!!!

Funny thing that happened this week.....we were eating at a members house and it was me Hna Blanco, Hna Guerrero, and Hna Bello. We were eating this really weird pasta with meatballs..........yikers! haha Hna Guerrero thought she was so sneaky and started stuffing her 9 meatballs in her bread roll and then thought she would just throw it away.......Hna Lupita caught her!!!! hhahahahah YIKES!!! and told her she had to eat everything on her plate! It was the funniest thing ever! We literally were dying laughing!! Oh they found a house this week so they moved out of our house this week...... SO sad, I am going to miss them so much!

But transfers are next week, we will find out Sunday night who is leaving! Super sad! But I know that the Lord will take me or leave me where I am supposed to be! So I will let you know next week what happens!!!

I am so grateful to be a missionary! The misión really is probably the hardest thing I have ever done but it is SOOOOO worth it!! We witness miracles everyday and it really is so amazing! This church is so true and we see it change peoples lives all the time! I am so grateful for my support system and for all the love i feel! Thank you for your prayers! I hope you all have an amazing week!! LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!

April 13, 2015 - Another Fantastic Week Here in MEXICOOOO!!!!

Hola my dear family and friends!

From your emails it sounds like everyone had a fantastic week! Which I love hearing! We had a fantastic week this week! And most importantly, drumb roll please................KEVIN WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!

OH my gosh it was literally the best thing of my entire life! He literally melts my heart, I love him so much! He is the chillest and strongest 9 year old ever! Like who just gets baptized at 9 years old when your parents arent members! He literally is amazing and ahhhhh I just dont even know how to explain my feelings! His baptism service was so perfect! Hilda Cuevas (his grandma that got baptized in feb) and almost her whole family came! So basically she has 6 kids and they all have kids and I believe 4 of them came and supported Kevin, including Kevin's parents! I seriously LOVE this family so much! I cant even imagine my life not knowing them! But really the service was so beautiful, we had great speakers, and a special musical number by.........MEEEEE and Hna Blanco. We sang I am a child of god and did our own arrangement in Spanish and English! It turned out awesome!! (My fear of singing in front of people literally is gone, I have to do it all the time now so that's good)! But really his baptism was amazing and he was SOOOOO happy!!! And his parents were super happy too!! LOVE THEM!!!!!

Clara and her family continue to be amazing! They are so awesome! We have to change her baptism date, because we havent had the chance to teach her all the lessons yet but we are hoping she will be baptized before Transfers the 28th!!!! PRAY!!! We had a Visita Guidad with her this week basically we take them and tour the church and teach them what happens in each room. And when we go into the room were the baptismal font we always invite them to be baptized, her son Daniel was a little unsure, which is totally fine, but her daughter Moncerat (11 years old) was like I definitely want to be baptized the 9th of may!!!!! She is the sweetest and LOVES the church!!!!!! I love this family so much!! So ya we continue to work with them! Reuben couldnt be there for the tour so we havent invited him to be baptized yet, but hopefully this week!! 

Transfers are April 28th, and since I will be done with my training either Hna Blanco or I will be transfered. So sad, but so exciting to be starting this next phase of my mission! I DONT WANT TO LEAVE SAN BUENA though! Literally will ball my eyes out if I get transferred!!! hahaha but if it's the Lords will I guess I will be fine :) hahaha #SOdramatic

Next week I may or may not have time to write, so if you don't get an email from me don't freak out (especially you mom) haha its because Hna Blanco and I will be going to Teotihuacan which is these really cool pyramids and then they have all these cool things you can buy! We are so excited!!! We will be going with a member, not sure who yet but it will be an all day affair! We are PUMPED!!! IT will be bomb.com!!!

The other Hermanas continue to live with us! Which is bomb for me because Hna Guerrero and I are tight! Basically she is my long lost twin! We laugh so much and the other Hnas usually get annoyed of our laughter......but that's how we stay sane!!!! ahhahahah it really is way fun!! I love all the girls in our house right now! ITS A BLAST!!!!!

But I have to go......the time always runs out so fast!! Its insane!! But know that I love you all SOOOO much and pray for you daily! I know this church is true with my whole heart and literally cant believe I am here in the Mexico City Chalco mission serving the Lord! Seems like a dream almost everyday!! The Lord loves each and every one of you and only wants you to be happy, draw closer to him each and everyday! 

Have a fantatstic week my loves!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Meowry

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 6, 2015 - Living in Mexico = Constant Entertainment

My amazing family and friends!!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic Conference weekend! I sure did!! I GOT TO WATCH IT IN ENGLISH!!!! What a miracle!!! haha because I literally wouldn't understand anything in Spanish! It's a completely different language! haha But we have a of of American missionaries so in the stake center they put it in English for us in our own room! So grateful!!! It was so amazing, I learned SOO much and need to apply it to my life ASAP!!!! haha

I don't know if I have told you guys this, but everyone here literally stares at me and whistles at me and yells at me constantly! So if you ever need a confidence boost move to Mexico city! They basically act like they have never seen a white person in their lives! haha I have had some pretty hilarious stories!! This week this guy yells to me in Spanish "Hello white girl, I want to marry you!!!!" I usually never respond or anything and out of nowhere Hermana Blanco just goes off on the guy and yells at him!! HAHAHA I literally was laughing SOOOOOO hard!!!! I am just so used to it, but it bothers her so bad! literally kills me!! hahaha anyways just a funny thing that happened this week! 

But this week in San Buena was greattttt! We have a baptism this next Sunday the 12 of April! Our little investigator Kevin, he is 9 and the cutest thing ever!! He is the grandson of Hilda and Fidel Cuevas our investigators that got baptized the end of February!! He loves the Church! He wanted to be baptized ever since he went to church the first time with Fidel and Hilda! This family literally is GOLD I am telling you!! So we are very excited for his baptism this next Sunday!! Pray that everything goes smoothly!! His parents never have had interest in the Church, but said that if it was something that he wanted to do they would allow him to be baptized! How awesome are they!!! BUT even more awesome!! So through different experiences they have finally ACCEPTED us to start teaching them!!!!!! #MIRACLE #IMDYING #NOTREALLIFE Seriously such a blessing!

They are struggling really bad financially right now, and so the Church is helping them have food to eat because they literally had NOTHING; not even beans or anything. So sad, broke my heart! So the Church is helping them and it has really humbled them and they really want to learn more! Their names are Octavio and Karen, I love them so much! Octavio is having heart issues right now and can't work, so that's really tough too! BUT they asked for a blessing last night and so Elder Capitan came and gave him a blessing! So great!!!

Clara contiues to be an All-Star! She literally amazes me! Her WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY!!! Her and her husband, and 4 kids came to conference Yesterday!!!!........ We all may or may not have rode in the same taxi! It was a miracle we all fit! It literally was a clown car! We scrapped SOO bad on every speed bump....oh ya there are speed bumps here every 5 feet basically! hahaha but this family is so amazing and they all LOVE the Church!! Clara is still set to be baptized on the 18th, we are working with the family to set baptism dates with them this week!! But she really amazes me, she has come the past 4 weeks to church! THAT NEVER happens!!! God really has prepared her and her family and I just have so much love for them! 

Thank you all so much for your support! I couldn't do this whole mission thing without the love and support from all the people who are so important to me!! I am so grateful for this Gospel and the great blessing that I get to be a missionary! It still blows my mind that I am in Mexico! Unreal! I feel so honored to be serving here in Chalco!! I love this Gospel with all my heart and am amazed at how much I have already learned! This is the hardest but most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. Thank you all for everything! Have a fantastic week my loves! 


Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Kitty Murray

March 30, 2015 - Hermana Murray is "Feelin 22!"

Hello my dear family and friends,

I am feeling so much older now that I have reached 22 years of living! haha Crazy!!! BUT my b-day was great! I have been blessed with so many amazing people here that love me and celebrated with me. I LOVED the package family! The necklace is amazing and I wear it all the time and everyone wants one! haha

This past week was great here in San Buenaventura, we are SUPER stoked right now with Clara and her family! They invited us to breakfast this past week and it was so great! We were reading the scripture that talks about how during the apostacy the world would be thirsty and hungry but not for food, for the word of God. She stopped us and said that she feels that same way now! And that she is so interested in learning more and understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! Can you say miracle or what?? God literally has prepared her for this time! Her and her husband came to Church this Sunday! She has come 3 times now and she absolutely LOVES it!!! Her kids are so great too, 2 are of baptism age, so we are working with them! But we really feel so blessed to be here in San Buena preaching the Word!! 

I can't believe its already April! Time literally is flying! Thank you for the pics of my b-day pancakes! I died laughing! So great though!!! 

Sorry I don't have much time left, but just know that I am doing great here in San Buenaventura and am so stoked for Conference this weekend! We watched the Women's Conference on Saturday, but it was super hard to understand, so we will see how it goes this weekend! 

I love you all so much and am so grateful for all the love and support that I receive, there are many here that are not as fortunate as I am to always have emails to read! So thank you all so much!! 

I am so grateful that I am called as a representative of Jesus Christ and that I get to share the Gospel to the people in Chalco! These people are amazing and I really am so blessed to know them! I am learning so much about myself and how to be a better missionary and person. This Gospel really is the only way that we can be happy here on Earth. We are all so blessed to know it, I pray that we can all watch Conference this next weekend with a question in our hearts and minds, because I testify that God knows us individually and knows our personal needs and desires and wants to answer our prayers! I love this Gospel so much and see it change lives everyday!

Have a great week my dear family and friends! Know that Hermana Murray prays for you everyday and loves you more than words can describe!

Con amor,
Hermana Murray

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 - #Humility

Hello my dear Friends and family!

I don't have much time today, its been a very busy Monday! We went into Chalco to the mission offices to get my Passport and to go change my dollars to pesos, so we took the new sisters that are in our area with us! Hermana Bello is training Hermana Guerrero who is from Texas! She is a hoot and we just laugh so much!! We actually entered the Provo MTC the same date!! Cray cray!!! But it was super fun because we got to go to the markets and buy some stuff! It was great!! They are currently living with us until they can find a house in their area! So we now have 6 hermanas in our Ward!! So crazy!!!

This week was great!! We had an amazing experience the other week, we were humbled that's for sure! So we were visiting with our recent convert Hilda (she is the one that got baptized a couple weeks ago with her husband and son) they literally are amazing! She is like my mom here, my Mexican mom!! Love her so much! We visit them almost every day! It's really amazing the love that we all share! So we were visiting with her and she was telling us about her neighbor Berta, that is extremely sick. She's told us about her before because Hilda is like the best missionary ever and tells all her neighbors about us and invites them to learn more about the Gospel! We've gotten so many references from her! AHHH I LOVE HER!!! 

So Hilda was talking to Berta, and Berta kept saying NO I don't want them to come over I am Catholic (that's what everyone says....until they meet us.... haha).  So this particular night Berta was not doing good health-wise so Hilda ran over and asked if it was okay if we came over and talked to Berta.  She finally agreed, so Hermana Blanco and I went over.  I have never been more humbled in my entire life and I prayed for like an hour that night thanking my Heavenly Father for all the MILLIONS of blessing that I have in my life.  Their front door is a tarp, and you walk in onto their property and their house is a little ways back, it's dirt floors, it's freezing cold, the 4 year old is in bed with a fever and is coughing so hard she is throwing up.  The mom , Berta, is in worse condition.  Basically barely breathing.  We start talking to her and I sit down next to her and put my arm around her and just talk with her trying to console her.  She tells us all the things that have happened in her life... I seriously was tearing up because I couldn't believe the trials this woman has been through.  She said to us "I don't believe there is a God, because if there was, how could He let all this happen to me."  My heart just ached for her, because I just wanted her to have the knowledge that I HAVE!!! And that I HAVE HAD MY WHOLE LIFE!!!  We are so blessed to have this Gospel.  
We called Hermano Pablo and his wife Cristina and they came rushing over to help.  Their son had this same illness before and they knew exactly what to buy and handed over the money and sent Fidel y Hilda to buy it.  No hesitation.  Hermano Pablo is also in charge of "dispensions" (I don't know if that's the Word in English) but it's where the Church provides food and necessities for people in the ward.  Berta's house also doesn't have a kitchen and she cooks all their meals over a fire, which is basically killing her by the second and making her illness SO much worse! So Hermano Pablo organized to bring her gas and a stove to use.  It really was amazing to see them help with no hesitation, and to see the love that God has for this family. 

Oh and i forgot to mention that Berta has 7 kids, and none of them are in school because she doesn't have identification.  Anyways this was such a tender night, and we sat with her and said a prayer, and told her that God IS HERE; and that He LOVES her so much and is showing her that He exists by all these people that are here to care for her!!!  I felt so much love for her and just wanted to help her and her kids.  She makes like 25 pesos a day, which is not even 2 dollars.  Her kids eat like every other day.  It really humbled me and makes me realize the amazing blessings that I have in my life - my incredible family, friends, our house, never going without food, having healthcare, and this amazing Gospel! I really honestly want to know what I did to deserve to be this blessed in my life.  I will never forget this day.

Maria y Clara are both progressing SO WELL!!! Clara is literally amazing and is so excited to be baptized! Maria is really receptive, just hopes that her husband can accept it too!  SO pray for Martin Martínez, that he can open his heart and be willing to make the changes in his life!!

Thank you all for the B-Day wishes! I AM FEELING 22!!! Thanks T Swift for making me excited to turn 22 so I can finally sing this song!! Haha. But for real Thank you all so much!!! 

OH AND WHILE WE WERE AT THE OFFICES TODAY...... THE DHL TRUCK pulled up!!!!! and Yep there was my package!!  So I got it today! Literally a miracle, and blessing from the LORD!!!  I haven't had time to really open it yet and see everything!  BUT thank you so much!  I feel so loved!  Getting mail and packages here literally is like GOLD!!! Haha.

Well, I just want to end this email with my testimony.  I know that this Church is true, with all my heart.  I know that families are eternal.  I know I am beyond blessed to be serving here in San Buenaventura.  I LOVE THIS WARD so much and have so many friends here now.  I know this Gospel changes lives and really is the only way we can be happy here on this earth.  The Lord knows us personally and LOVES us so much and just wants us to be happy!  All we have to do is turn to Him and He will give us the strength that we need to make it through any trial!  The Atonement is SO real!  And is an incredible blessing that we have!  It's a tool that we need to use in our daily lives.  I know and have come to learn that the Atonement is not just for our sins but includes EVERY feeling we ever feel.  Our Savior understands 100% and knows how to comfort us when we are sad, and going through hard times!  TURN TO HIM!!!  HE is always there just waiting! 

I love being a missionary SO much! And have made so many friends here!!  Friends that I will have forever!  I love you all so much and hope you know that I pray for you every day!!!  Stay close to the Lord, and have an amazing week!! 

Until next week my loves!!

Con amor,

Hermana Kitty Murray

March 16, 2015 - Miracles, Miracles, Miracles!


We had a fantastic week here in San Buenaventura! 

We took Maria de Rocio to the chapel to give her a tour and when we opened the baptismal font doors she felt the spirit so strong and accepted a date for baptism! End of APRIL!!!!! UNREAL!  We are working with Martin more but he didn't come with us to the church that day! 

We also started working with this lady named Clara Mendez who is unreal to the max! We knocked on her door because we thought a less-active member lived there but turns out they didn't.  We started talking to Clara and she invited us back the next day to learn more about our Church.  We went back the next day and man she's had a rough life!  When she was 5 months pregnant her brother-in-law shot her in the back, but it didn't touch the baby!  They took the baby out and he lived! He is alive today! We invited her to be baptized and she accepted a date for the end of April! We really were just feeling the spirit so much! It was amazing! AND she came to church on Sunday! Literally a miracle!! 

Parker James Murray!!! Or Elder Murray!!! I am so excited for you! NEWWWW YORKKKKK here you come!!!  The mission is seriously amazing! You will love it!!! I can't wait for you to join me out here! 

Sorry I don't have much time today! But know that I pray for you all everyday and love you all so much!  Thank you for your support and your prayers.  I can feel them everyday! This gospel is so amazing and I see it changing peoples lives everyday! We are so blessed to have it! Have a great week!

Con amor,
Hermana Murray

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015 - Hi Familia!!

MEOW to my amazing family and friends!!!

We are alive and well here in San Buenaventura! Sounds like you all had a fantastic week! and I hope you enjoyed your weekend in St George Mom and Dad! I am so glad Peaker is doing well with baseball, and I can't believe his call will be here so soon!! The mission is the best! So many miracles everyday!!!

This week we had a ton of appointments fall through, but the Lord blessed us with 2 new families to teach!! We are teaching Martin and his wife Maria Martinez, they are a reference from the Cuevas family! They are so bomb, and so interested! One of their sons died at age 25 and Maria's mom died in December, we taught them the Plan of Salvation and she was just crying saying that in her church they never taught anything about life after this life. It really brought her peace knowing that her son and mom are in a great place right now and that they are being taught this Gospel too! It was bomb, and she said the closing prayer and prayed to God asking Him to tell her if this is something she needed to keep learning and that her heart is open! WE WERE IN SHOCK!!!

OH and guess what we have a menos-activa (less-active) named Andrea Trujillo whose boyfriend is from Canada and guess what he only speaks English! So guess who is getting to teach in English?? HERMANA MURRAY! It is so refreshing, because I can actually say everything that I want! Its so fun, his name is Mark and he is awesome! He owns a marketing business! So we talked about that and I really think he will progress!! It's bomb!!

The other family is a little interesting, it's a grandma and 3 grandchildren. Their mom is in jail right now and she just had another baby....but the baby is with her in jail....not sure how that works...but its Mexico so we just go with it! Haha.  But they seriously are the cutest! The other missionaries before us were teaching them for about 2 weeks and then they got switched and we have gone to her door about 4 times but she hasn't ever been there. But when we visited her this week she was so excited saying "I thought the other missionaries forgot about us!" And she was anxious as to what we were going to teach them that night!!! The boys are SOOOOO cute and so precious!!! 

Something tragic happened this week... We were walking down this street and all of a sudden I felt something weird under my foot and I looked down and ya it was a half-buried cat......I was going to throw up....and cry at the same time! Its leg was half out of the dirt.....and I was standing on it!!!  It was awful.....BUT then sitting next to it was 5 pesos haha! The Lord blessed me with 5 pesos because I had just witnessed something so tragic....cus you all know how much I love cats!!  Oh PS they are everywhere here....but don't worry Mom, I know not to touch them.  The Lord was like here's 5 pesos, I am sorry you had to see that! My comp and I were laughing at that for a while! Haha!

But seriously, San Buenaventura is awesome! I have met so many people that I literally feel like I have known my whole life! I can't imagine not knowing them! I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity that I get to be a missionary everyday!!

Ad YES, I met the missionary whose parents we met on our family vacation in Cabo!!  Hermana Hernandez! She is so cute, I love her!! We always talk about it every time I see her!!!

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! and can feel your prayers everyday!!


Hermana Murray

Hermana Murray and Herman Hernadez