Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April 13, 2015 - Another Fantastic Week Here in MEXICOOOO!!!!

Hola my dear family and friends!

From your emails it sounds like everyone had a fantastic week! Which I love hearing! We had a fantastic week this week! And most importantly, drumb roll please................KEVIN WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!

OH my gosh it was literally the best thing of my entire life! He literally melts my heart, I love him so much! He is the chillest and strongest 9 year old ever! Like who just gets baptized at 9 years old when your parents arent members! He literally is amazing and ahhhhh I just dont even know how to explain my feelings! His baptism service was so perfect! Hilda Cuevas (his grandma that got baptized in feb) and almost her whole family came! So basically she has 6 kids and they all have kids and I believe 4 of them came and supported Kevin, including Kevin's parents! I seriously LOVE this family so much! I cant even imagine my life not knowing them! But really the service was so beautiful, we had great speakers, and a special musical number by.........MEEEEE and Hna Blanco. We sang I am a child of god and did our own arrangement in Spanish and English! It turned out awesome!! (My fear of singing in front of people literally is gone, I have to do it all the time now so that's good)! But really his baptism was amazing and he was SOOOOO happy!!! And his parents were super happy too!! LOVE THEM!!!!!

Clara and her family continue to be amazing! They are so awesome! We have to change her baptism date, because we havent had the chance to teach her all the lessons yet but we are hoping she will be baptized before Transfers the 28th!!!! PRAY!!! We had a Visita Guidad with her this week basically we take them and tour the church and teach them what happens in each room. And when we go into the room were the baptismal font we always invite them to be baptized, her son Daniel was a little unsure, which is totally fine, but her daughter Moncerat (11 years old) was like I definitely want to be baptized the 9th of may!!!!! She is the sweetest and LOVES the church!!!!!! I love this family so much!! So ya we continue to work with them! Reuben couldnt be there for the tour so we havent invited him to be baptized yet, but hopefully this week!! 

Transfers are April 28th, and since I will be done with my training either Hna Blanco or I will be transfered. So sad, but so exciting to be starting this next phase of my mission! I DONT WANT TO LEAVE SAN BUENA though! Literally will ball my eyes out if I get transferred!!! hahaha but if it's the Lords will I guess I will be fine :) hahaha #SOdramatic

Next week I may or may not have time to write, so if you don't get an email from me don't freak out (especially you mom) haha its because Hna Blanco and I will be going to Teotihuacan which is these really cool pyramids and then they have all these cool things you can buy! We are so excited!!! We will be going with a member, not sure who yet but it will be an all day affair! We are PUMPED!!! IT will be!!!

The other Hermanas continue to live with us! Which is bomb for me because Hna Guerrero and I are tight! Basically she is my long lost twin! We laugh so much and the other Hnas usually get annoyed of our laughter......but that's how we stay sane!!!! ahhahahah it really is way fun!! I love all the girls in our house right now! ITS A BLAST!!!!!

But I have to go......the time always runs out so fast!! Its insane!! But know that I love you all SOOOO much and pray for you daily! I know this church is true with my whole heart and literally cant believe I am here in the Mexico City Chalco mission serving the Lord! Seems like a dream almost everyday!! The Lord loves each and every one of you and only wants you to be happy, draw closer to him each and everyday! 

Have a fantatstic week my loves!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Meowry

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