Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 6, 2015 - Living in Mexico = Constant Entertainment

My amazing family and friends!!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic Conference weekend! I sure did!! I GOT TO WATCH IT IN ENGLISH!!!! What a miracle!!! haha because I literally wouldn't understand anything in Spanish! It's a completely different language! haha But we have a of of American missionaries so in the stake center they put it in English for us in our own room! So grateful!!! It was so amazing, I learned SOO much and need to apply it to my life ASAP!!!! haha

I don't know if I have told you guys this, but everyone here literally stares at me and whistles at me and yells at me constantly! So if you ever need a confidence boost move to Mexico city! They basically act like they have never seen a white person in their lives! haha I have had some pretty hilarious stories!! This week this guy yells to me in Spanish "Hello white girl, I want to marry you!!!!" I usually never respond or anything and out of nowhere Hermana Blanco just goes off on the guy and yells at him!! HAHAHA I literally was laughing SOOOOOO hard!!!! I am just so used to it, but it bothers her so bad! literally kills me!! hahaha anyways just a funny thing that happened this week! 

But this week in San Buena was greattttt! We have a baptism this next Sunday the 12 of April! Our little investigator Kevin, he is 9 and the cutest thing ever!! He is the grandson of Hilda and Fidel Cuevas our investigators that got baptized the end of February!! He loves the Church! He wanted to be baptized ever since he went to church the first time with Fidel and Hilda! This family literally is GOLD I am telling you!! So we are very excited for his baptism this next Sunday!! Pray that everything goes smoothly!! His parents never have had interest in the Church, but said that if it was something that he wanted to do they would allow him to be baptized! How awesome are they!!! BUT even more awesome!! So through different experiences they have finally ACCEPTED us to start teaching them!!!!!! #MIRACLE #IMDYING #NOTREALLIFE Seriously such a blessing!

They are struggling really bad financially right now, and so the Church is helping them have food to eat because they literally had NOTHING; not even beans or anything. So sad, broke my heart! So the Church is helping them and it has really humbled them and they really want to learn more! Their names are Octavio and Karen, I love them so much! Octavio is having heart issues right now and can't work, so that's really tough too! BUT they asked for a blessing last night and so Elder Capitan came and gave him a blessing! So great!!!

Clara contiues to be an All-Star! She literally amazes me! Her WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY!!! Her and her husband, and 4 kids came to conference Yesterday!!!!........ We all may or may not have rode in the same taxi! It was a miracle we all fit! It literally was a clown car! We scrapped SOO bad on every speed bump....oh ya there are speed bumps here every 5 feet basically! hahaha but this family is so amazing and they all LOVE the Church!! Clara is still set to be baptized on the 18th, we are working with the family to set baptism dates with them this week!! But she really amazes me, she has come the past 4 weeks to church! THAT NEVER happens!!! God really has prepared her and her family and I just have so much love for them! 

Thank you all so much for your support! I couldn't do this whole mission thing without the love and support from all the people who are so important to me!! I am so grateful for this Gospel and the great blessing that I get to be a missionary! It still blows my mind that I am in Mexico! Unreal! I feel so honored to be serving here in Chalco!! I love this Gospel with all my heart and am amazed at how much I have already learned! This is the hardest but most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. Thank you all for everything! Have a fantastic week my loves! 


Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Kitty Murray

March 30, 2015 - Hermana Murray is "Feelin 22!"

Hello my dear family and friends,

I am feeling so much older now that I have reached 22 years of living! haha Crazy!!! BUT my b-day was great! I have been blessed with so many amazing people here that love me and celebrated with me. I LOVED the package family! The necklace is amazing and I wear it all the time and everyone wants one! haha

This past week was great here in San Buenaventura, we are SUPER stoked right now with Clara and her family! They invited us to breakfast this past week and it was so great! We were reading the scripture that talks about how during the apostacy the world would be thirsty and hungry but not for food, for the word of God. She stopped us and said that she feels that same way now! And that she is so interested in learning more and understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! Can you say miracle or what?? God literally has prepared her for this time! Her and her husband came to Church this Sunday! She has come 3 times now and she absolutely LOVES it!!! Her kids are so great too, 2 are of baptism age, so we are working with them! But we really feel so blessed to be here in San Buena preaching the Word!! 

I can't believe its already April! Time literally is flying! Thank you for the pics of my b-day pancakes! I died laughing! So great though!!! 

Sorry I don't have much time left, but just know that I am doing great here in San Buenaventura and am so stoked for Conference this weekend! We watched the Women's Conference on Saturday, but it was super hard to understand, so we will see how it goes this weekend! 

I love you all so much and am so grateful for all the love and support that I receive, there are many here that are not as fortunate as I am to always have emails to read! So thank you all so much!! 

I am so grateful that I am called as a representative of Jesus Christ and that I get to share the Gospel to the people in Chalco! These people are amazing and I really am so blessed to know them! I am learning so much about myself and how to be a better missionary and person. This Gospel really is the only way that we can be happy here on Earth. We are all so blessed to know it, I pray that we can all watch Conference this next weekend with a question in our hearts and minds, because I testify that God knows us individually and knows our personal needs and desires and wants to answer our prayers! I love this Gospel so much and see it change lives everyday!

Have a great week my dear family and friends! Know that Hermana Murray prays for you everyday and loves you more than words can describe!

Con amor,
Hermana Murray