Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015 - Crazy Fun Week!!

Hello dear family and friends! I hope you all had a fantastic week and a great Holiday weekend!! We had another great week here in San Buenaventura, we had a lot of fun activities that we got to do!!

Something funny this week......oh I remember something. So we went and visited one of our old investigators to check up on her and see how she is doing, she is pretty old. Well she told us she is going to a Christian church now and really likes it (bummer), but I said the opening prayer to our lesson and after we said amen she just starts clapping and applauding my prayer. It was so funny! I was trying so hard not to laugh!

So first Teotihuacan last week was so fun!!! The pyramids are HUGE!!! and so cool!! They have a ton of history of the church and there are so many things that connect them to the church! I will have to explain more another time because I dont have much time! But it was so fun! And freak it's so tiring climbing all the way to the top!! Hno Israel Rivera took us in his car with his daughter Fe, and Hna Jazmine. Fe is so bomb! I love her so much! Her and her cousins are the Kardashians mexican style, they call themself the Gordashians (Gordo in spanish is fat) so basically they call themselves the fat Kardashians! They literally KILL me! So funny!! I bought a bunch of souveniors.

This week was great! Our investigator Veronica had her baby so she didn't get to visit her and she wasn't able to go to church yesterday. But we have an apt with her tomorrow! Cant wait to see her little babe!!! We have 2 new investigators Silvia and her mother in law Asuncion. They are both great! Asuncion is really hard of hearing so it will be a challenge teaching her...well we will basically be yelling at her, but they are both so interested and they CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!! MIRACLE!! 

This week we also had an activity with the ward! It was so awesome! We went to this church owned camp ground! It was so fun, they have obstacle courses and basketball courts and soccer fields and volleyball, it really is so nice and way cool! So that was so fun to go with the ward! I am glad we got to go!!

And today we had a sports day with our whole mission! We played basketball and volleyball and soccer and my zone WON the whole thing!! Each zone had their own jerseys! Our jerseys are from the team in Paris, but they are red white and blue so Hna Guerrero and I just kept chanting USA USA USA!!! hahahah It was super funny!

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week!


 Our zone that won today with our jerseys!!! I balled it up pretty hard! A lot of people asked if I played College ball.....I was like no....I actually got cut my Senior year! hahaha But it was so fun to play!!

Hna Guerrero and I with the Prezzzz!

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