Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015 - Hi Familia!!

MEOW to my amazing family and friends!!!

We are alive and well here in San Buenaventura! Sounds like you all had a fantastic week! and I hope you enjoyed your weekend in St George Mom and Dad! I am so glad Peaker is doing well with baseball, and I can't believe his call will be here so soon!! The mission is the best! So many miracles everyday!!!

This week we had a ton of appointments fall through, but the Lord blessed us with 2 new families to teach!! We are teaching Martin and his wife Maria Martinez, they are a reference from the Cuevas family! They are so bomb, and so interested! One of their sons died at age 25 and Maria's mom died in December, we taught them the Plan of Salvation and she was just crying saying that in her church they never taught anything about life after this life. It really brought her peace knowing that her son and mom are in a great place right now and that they are being taught this Gospel too! It was bomb, and she said the closing prayer and prayed to God asking Him to tell her if this is something she needed to keep learning and that her heart is open! WE WERE IN SHOCK!!!

OH and guess what we have a menos-activa (less-active) named Andrea Trujillo whose boyfriend is from Canada and guess what he only speaks English! So guess who is getting to teach in English?? HERMANA MURRAY! It is so refreshing, because I can actually say everything that I want! Its so fun, his name is Mark and he is awesome! He owns a marketing business! So we talked about that and I really think he will progress!! It's bomb!!

The other family is a little interesting, it's a grandma and 3 grandchildren. Their mom is in jail right now and she just had another baby....but the baby is with her in jail....not sure how that works...but its Mexico so we just go with it! Haha.  But they seriously are the cutest! The other missionaries before us were teaching them for about 2 weeks and then they got switched and we have gone to her door about 4 times but she hasn't ever been there. But when we visited her this week she was so excited saying "I thought the other missionaries forgot about us!" And she was anxious as to what we were going to teach them that night!!! The boys are SOOOOO cute and so precious!!! 

Something tragic happened this week... We were walking down this street and all of a sudden I felt something weird under my foot and I looked down and ya it was a half-buried cat......I was going to throw up....and cry at the same time! Its leg was half out of the dirt.....and I was standing on it!!!  It was awful.....BUT then sitting next to it was 5 pesos haha! The Lord blessed me with 5 pesos because I had just witnessed something so tragic....cus you all know how much I love cats!!  Oh PS they are everywhere here....but don't worry Mom, I know not to touch them.  The Lord was like here's 5 pesos, I am sorry you had to see that! My comp and I were laughing at that for a while! Haha!

But seriously, San Buenaventura is awesome! I have met so many people that I literally feel like I have known my whole life! I can't imagine not knowing them! I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity that I get to be a missionary everyday!!

Ad YES, I met the missionary whose parents we met on our family vacation in Cabo!!  Hermana Hernandez! She is so cute, I love her!! We always talk about it every time I see her!!!

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! and can feel your prayers everyday!!


Hermana Murray

Hermana Murray and Herman Hernadez

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