Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 23, 2015 - MIRACLES!!

Hello Family and Friends!!!

We received the biggest miracle this week and it was just amazing!! 

So the Cuevas family is getting baptized this Tuesday! But they have to get married one here is married!!!!  They went into the city to see about the process for getting married and they were told they would have to wait 15 days before they could get married, meaning we would have to change their baptism date. BOOO!  The 24th is special because it is Fidel's birthday!! So we were super bummed.  We talked with our Bishop and we just didn't seem to think it was going to work for the 24th. The bishop said he would check with some people, he got back to us and said they can get married TUESDAY MORNING!!!! and then be baptized Tuesday NIGHT!!!!!! Seriously UNREAL!!! And it was going to cost half as much as we thought! So everything as of now is good to go for Tuesday! I am so excited for them and just love them so much!!!! I will definitely take a bunch of pictures and send them!!! BUT for real the Lord is so aware of everything in our lives and helps us in so many ways! HE made this miracle happen and we couldn't be more excited!!!

Last week we went to this members house and she legitimately had 17 cats!! HAHAHA - I WAS DYING!!!! 
Fany, a 17 year old young woman in the Ward, comes on splits with us a lot.  She was with us and she is SOOO afraid of cats and was dying!!! I couldn't stop laughing!!! It was the funniest and most awesome thing ever!!! Literally 17 cats!!! haha. But i loved it! Next time I go over there I will take pictures! UNREAL! and they all have names! You all know I was in HEAVEN!!!!!!

I have become an English teacher as well. Everyone here asks me to help them with their English, so during a lot of our visits I help the kids with their English homework! And I am helping my companion learn some English too! English is so complicated!! Haha.

But really this past week was great! We taught a lot of people and saw so many miracles! I am so grateful to be a missionary in this time and be serving here in San Buenaventura! I love it so much and know I am blessed everyday!! Being a missionary is not easy, but it is so worth it when people see the changes that they need to make in their lives! The Lord loves us so much and has given us a way that we can return and live with our Padre Celestial and Jesús Christo again! I love this Gospel so much! And I am so grateful for all the love and support I have! I can feel your prayers everyday! I love you all so much!

Have a great week,

Hermana Murray

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