Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 9, 2015 - VIVA MEXICO!! and HASHTAG Culture Shock!!

Hello Family and Friends!!!

Mexico is so awesome!! I am serving in the San Buenaventura area! The people here are amazing and our ward is so amazing! Members are always SOOOO willing to come out with us to visit investigators or less-actives. My companion is Hermana Blanco and she is from Peru, she has been out about 5 months. She is really great! Its a little difficult because she doesn't speak ANY English! So ya sometimes there is a language barrier but we usually can get around it! Haha.  She is so nice and so sweet.  I am pretty sure I am like a solid foot or more taller than her. But ya we are doing awesome!!! 

Hermana Blanco and I, she is so little, I could probably carry her in one of those baby carrier things all day.

We are both new to the area so we took a couple days to get around and get to know the streets!! Our área is huge! Right now us and another set of sister missionaries are in our ward, but in 2 weeks they are splitting our area and bringing in 2 more sister missionaries! HALLELUJAH! Our area seriously is HUGE! Haha. We walk SOOO much everyday, my feet have about a million blisters on each foot, so thank you Mom for the band-aids and all the first aid stuff! I would be dying without it!! 

The other two sisters we are serving with are Hermana Sánchez she's from Springville and Hermana Boyer and she is from LA California! They are awesome and its nice to have someone to talk to in English, because man do I miss English! Haha.  But I know with time and once my Spanish improves I will be comfortable! 

Mexico is SOOOOO different from Utah.  Our apartment doesn't have hot water, and we had this thing that would heat the water and then we use Tupperware to pour the water on our heads.....but that broke so we are waiting to get a new one haha.  Today our neighbor let us shower at their house! SO I HAD MY FIRST WARM SHOWER!!! and it felt amazing, so all you peeps best think of me when you're taking your hot showers errrryday and know how jealous I am of you!

We have 2 families who are really receptive of the Gospel right now, one family is Fridel and Hilda and their son Omar, they have a baptism date for February 24th!!!! SO AWESOME!!!! The other family, Gomez Fraga, are progressing, but didn't except our invitation to be baptized. We are still working with them! They are really interested in the Gospel though! They really like it!! 

Being a missionary is so awesome and I see blessings everyday!!!! Thank you so much for all the prayers and the support! It means the world to me!! I am so grateful for this Gospel and for the amazing changes it brings to peoples lives!!


Hermana Murray

For service, we served at our local Granja! (farm) Haha.  It's the weirdest thing ever but the community loves it. They have SO many animals! ITS CRAZY!

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