Sunday, March 1, 2015

January 31 2015 - Two Days before leaving the MTC for Mexico City!

Hello my amazing family!!

Thank you so much for all of your packages, I am definitely getting a lot of crap from the other missionaries! Haha. They always say "ANOTHER PACKAGE???" Haha. I love it! Now I just gotta fit everything in my suitcases. But thank you guys so much, I feel so loved!

I cannot even believe that I leave for Mexico in like 2 days! Seriously UNREAL!! I feel like I just got here! This week has been so awesome!! The spirit is so strong here! 
So we do this thing called TRC where we practice lessons with an investigator, ours wasn't a member so we were really nervous to start teaching her. Our first lesson with her didn't go great but it wasn't bad either, she just told us all about her life and how her kids all have physical difficulties. She didn't leave us much time to share our whole message with her. But our second lesson with her went SO great!! This lady was born Catholic and would compare EVERYTHING we said to what the Bible says or what the Catholic church teaches, so we were struggling at first, Haha, but once we took a deep breath and just focused we were able to answer her questions. She was very skeptical of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, but once we showed her the picture of the First Vision and started talking to her about it everything changed! She just kept saying "bonita, muy bonita" saying how beautiful this picture was. I KNOW she was feeling the spirit and that the Holy Ghost was starting to tug at her heart! It was amazing! And then we had her read Moroni 10:3-5 which talks about praying and finding out for ourselves if this church is true, and she just ate it up! She LOVED that scripture and finally started to understand what we were trying to teach her and that the things we are teaching her are amazing! AND then we asked her if she would offer the closing prayer, (we taught her how to pray the first time we taught her).  When we asked her if she would pray she wasn't feeling it, but after a little convincing she said she would! This lady is like hard core catholic! And so she was kind of skeptical of how we pray, so we just went over the basics, and then she prayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hearing someone pray the correct way for the first time seriously is SO AMAZING! The spirit was so strong it was incredible! That was the last time we taught her, but I really hope that she continues to read the Book of Mormon and that she keeps praying because she is BOMB!!!!! Ahhh!

I have met the most amazing people here! These two sisters Hermanas Organista and Martinez! They seriously are THE BOMB! Like instant best friends! Organista is from SLC and she is going to El Salvadore, and Martinez is from Miami! They are SO funny and we just laugh ALLLLLLL the time! They are in my zone! But I just love them and am sad to leave them but so excited for us to all go out and serve the Lord!! 

I am SO excited to leave for Mexico! It doesn't seem real and I am sure I'm going to be freaking out tomorrow, but I am just so excited!!!!

Thanks for all the love and support! I can feel your prayers!!! LOVE YOU!!!

MTC District

"On Wednesdays we wear PINK!"

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