Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hermana Murray 411

We asked Kiley to answer some specific questions about where she lives, what the food is like, etc, so we could get a better idea of what her life in Mexico is like!

I live in Cerada Arculco San Buenaventura. Our chuch is in Ixtapaluca its about a 15 minute drive

How's the food? Do you do your own cooking, or do you have someone that cooks for you? 
The food is good! We eat with a member everyday at 2 pm, it's different here because their biggest meal is at 2 pm! But we are so blessed with amazing members and they have been feeding us great! The weirdest thing I have eaten so far is pig skin....which I didn't like.  They dry it and eat it kind of like a chip.  They also soak it in water and then eat it as meat for the tortillas which I basically gagged, but just had to eat it! Haha.  Aside from that, really everything else has been great! I haven't really been sick at all!  So thanks Mom for the probiotic, I am sure that's helping a lot!

How about your laundry, do you have to do your own, or do you hire that out to someone?
Our neighbors, the Angeles, they are seriously THE BOMB!!! They are the ones that own a Papeleria, which is like a paper goods store, and they have computers so they let us use their computers for letters. They also have a washer so we do our laundry here, its so nice, we are so blessed! They are the best family ever! Their kids LOVE us and are adorable, I will take a pic with them this week and send it!

How far are you from the Mission office? 
We are about 20 minutes in Taxi from the Mission Office.

Do you have some kind of Preach My Gospel program that you have to learn and then pass off to your companion or DL?
No Preach My Gospel program, just personal study, companionship study, language study, and a program called The First 12 weeks.

Are there any missionaries there that you know from home? 
There is an Elder Zabriski whose family lives in Charole's Ward, and an Elder Parker who is Julie's next door neighbor!  Small world!  Hermana S├ínchez, one of the other sisters that serves in San Buenaventura, is from Springville and we have some mutual friends which is cool!

So how was church yesterday?  Did they invite you to bear your testimony in one of your meetings, and if so, how did you do? 
Chuch was great! I haven't had to speak yet or anything so that's been good!

How is the language, are you able to understand ok? 
I am actually doing pretty well with the Spanish! I understand almost everything! Speaking is a little more difficult but it's coming a long!

How does the money work, did they give you a type of debit card that gets loaded with money each month, or do you have to get pesos to pay for things?
Yep exactly, they gave us a debit card that they load each month so we just go take out all the Pesos each month. We have a Walmart pretty close to us so that is nice! We went there last week!

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